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Fackelmann Brands stands for kitchen aids, household products, bathroom furnishings and much more – thanks to the broad range of products we offer, including over 10,000 items, Fackelmann products are sure to find a place in any home.

The diverse assortment is manufactured at our headquarters in Hersbruck, along with four other countries around the world, at a total of eight production facilities – and is available all over the globe.

German Brand
Brand Development


We are a traditional German company being led by its third generation, and are wholly owned by the Fackelmann family. Since 1992, Alexander Fackelmann has served as Managing Director of the company, following in the footsteps of his father Sebastian Fackelmann. He has successfully expanded the enterprise both domestically and abroad for almost three decades.

We place a premium on maintaining a decentralised group structure that grants our subsidiaries the maximum level of autonomy. This approach ensures that we can quickly adapt to local requirements and market conditions, while at the same time benefiting from our global network. Our management team has extensive operational experience, with an understanding of and connections to the international household goods industry. Thanks to our experience in M&A, we have successfully carried out 18 takeovers in the last ten years, including Fackelmann Housewares Australia & NZ, Prestige South Africa and Tomkin Australia. We believe that this experience and this expertise are what make Fackelmann unique.

We are always in touch with the latest trends, and maintain a high level of innovative capacity. What holds us together as a corporate family are our future-oriented perspective and trust in our common creative energy.


Currently, we have over 40 business units in total in various regions, such as western and eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Russia, China, India, Southeast Asia, and Brazil. With multiple production sites in Germany, one in France, one in Poland, four in China and one in India, our company is able to deliver goods to its customers along the entire supply chain, whether with our in-house family of brands, or with private label solutions specially tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. With a brand awareness level of 80%, we are a leading company in the household goods industry.

HISTORY | A long journey to kitchenware excellence

Founding by the Fackelmann brothers
Three brothers, August, Ludwig and Heinrich Fackelmann left their father’s farm in Lower Franconia, heading for Nuremberg, Stuttgart, and Munich to pursue their fortunes. Under Heinrich's leadership, “Fackelmann Werksvertretungen für Haushalt und Eisenwaren” (the Fackelmann dealership for household and iron goods) is founded in 1919.
Expansion of trade offices
Even at that time, all of the different trade goods had one thing in common: making peoples’ lives and work in the kitchen and household easier and more pleasant. Additional trade offices followed throughout southern Germany.
Sebastian Fackelmann takes over business operations
After the early death of the company's founder, Heinrich, Sebastian Fackelmann followed in his father’s footsteps and continued the company as its commercial agent until the end of the Second World War. Thanks to his apprenticeship at the Nuremberg family company Küchen-Loesch, he was highly familiar with kitchen aids and household issues.
From wholesale to in-house manufacturing
Sebastian Fackelmann served as the sole Managing Director, and successively expanded his trade office into a wholesale business. In 1958, he launched series manufacturing of wooden products – such as toothpicks, stirring spoons and breakfast boards as well as small furnishings – in the company’s first production facility in Altensittenbach near Hersbruck.
Kitchen aids for the modern household
Modern kitchen aids for modern households: manufacturing of plastic kitchen aids began at the Hersbruck location in the early 1980s. One major advantage of these durable products is their robustness and suitability for the dishwasher.
The 3rd generation joins the company
After getting his degree in business, Alexander Fackelmann began his career in the family-owned and operated company in 1984. He focused on sales, marketing, business development, and internationalisation, consistently driving and implementing changes in these areas.
Founding of the first international branch office
In the late eighties, a key milestone was reached for the long-term expansion of international business – with the founding of EQH (European Quality Housewares) in Hong Kong, the company opened its gates even further to the far east: from that time, management of the Asian market and growing production were managed on-site.
Modular system and distinctive logo
Alexander Fackelmann handled introduction and implementation of the modular Fackelmann shelving system in retail stores: the customer-friendly and clear product presentation is a milestone both for the company and for retail as a whole. He also developed the distinctive company logo, with the black Fackelmann name over a red bar, which has remained largely unchanged up to the present time.
Launch of international expansion
Fackelmann experienced rapid growth during the 1990s, and added more and more branch offices abroad. The company began in the Czech Republic, adding France and Bulgaria one year later. Branches in Hungary, Poland and Slovenia were added in 1996, then Italy in 2002.
New on board: cake mould expert Zenker
After the takeover of cake mould specialist Zenker, the second Fackelmann Brands German production site was located in the Bavarian city of Aichach. All of the brand's cake moulds are manufactured on site to meet the highest quality standards, and using state-of-the-art production technologies. Innovative coating systems, modern colourways and assortments for every taste and need, begin to conquer the world from this Swabian city.
Europe, and the whole world
The company's international expansion continued, adding more branches in Spain, Romania, Croatia and the UK (2005), China and India (2007) with large production facilities, the UAE (2007), Serbia (2008), Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore (2009), Ukraine (2010), Australia (2012), Russia, and Brazil (2013).
Opening of the new logistics centre in Hersbruck
The headquarters in Hersbruck also continued to grow. With the new logistics centre, Fackelmann responds to the growing need for product storage space and modern technology.
Baking on the highest level: Dr. Oetker kitchen aids
Zenker took over production and sales of Dr. Oetker cake moulds and kitchen aids under a long-term licensing agreement starting in 2013. Since that time, the cake mould specialist has expanded Dr. Oetker’s top position continuously from its upper Bavarian site in Aichach. New, creative and innovative products, original designs and innovations have helped new approaches to baking make inroads into the market.
Heading down under!
Renowned manufacturer McPherson’s becomes Fackelmann Housewares Australia and New Zealand. With this change, Fackelmann takes on a strong market position with the brands Wiltshire, Stanley Rogers, and Füri. Today, the traditional brands Stanley Rogers premium kitchen aids and Füri professional knives are also available in Europe. From Australia, the company is also better able to serve markets in Singapore and Hong Kong.
Two new additions to Fackelmann Brands
Tomkin, headquartered in Sydney, has been a market leader in the hospitality industry for over 40 years, and its portfolio contains a range of popular brands. This makes Tomkin the perfect addition to Fackelmann Australia. New Wechsler in South Africa has stood for household goods, kitchen aids, cutlery and glasses for over 70 years. By purchasing a holding in the company, Fackelmann strengthened its position on the African continent.
Happy Birthday Fackelmann!
Fackelmann turns 100 – a great reason to celebrate! In its centennial year, the company not only has an all-new look for the leading Ambiente trade fair, but also opens up its first flagship store, the Fackelmann World, at its headquarters in Hersbruck. Things are also happening on the digital level: the online shop now offers consumers the ability to browse Fackelmann's diverse product range around the clock.
New additions to the portfolio: pots, pans, and roasters
Fackelmann and ELO launch an international sales cooperation. With this partnership, Fackelmann not only adds pots, pans, and roasters to its existing product portfolio, but also joins with a partner with over 80 years of expertise in manufacturing high-quality cookware.

15 brands
41 locations worldwide
10,000 products
8 production sites